“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24: 15


Part of our mission is to make a difference in our church, families, workplaces, community, and the world. Looking outside ourselves, it is not hard to find places where God's love and our service might make a difference.


Make a difference in our church

At First Presbyterian we strive to make our church a place where people's lives are changed. We provide opportunities for people to serve each other and the wider community. We are genuinely concerned about each other and offer our prayers and our assistance when they are needed. From taking food to shut-ins and those recovering from hospitalization, to running errands for seniors and offering help to a student far away from home, there are many ways to get involved.

Make a difference in our families

First Presbyterian families come in all stripes. We include children living with parents, children living with a single parent, children living with grandparents, people living on their own, couples, students and young people living together, and many other families. We include straight and LGBT singles and couples, mixed-race couples, mixed-religion couples, and all manner of combinations and complexities. Each person and each family has a story. We listen. Our families learn. And we all change.

Make a difference in our workplaces

Mixing religion and work may sound like a bad idea. We believe that separating the workplace from our spiritual lives is a worse idea. Our values, our way of treating others, our concern for the world and the environment—none of these can be left at the door when we leave church. We are committed to making a difference, even in places where that message may not be welcomed.

Make a difference in our communities

Each person at First Presbyterian belongs to multiple communities: our schools, our workplaces, our group of friends, our neighbors. We strive to make a difference in each community to which we belong. As a church we are committed to being good neighbors ourselves, participating in the improvement of our surroundings, helping those in need, and looking for ways to bring the peace of Christ to Brooklyn.

Make a difference in our world

We are part of a global community and a global ecosystem. We are concerned about inequality and injustice in parts of the world far from the tree-lined streets of Brooklyn. We are concerned about the effect of our own actions and inactions on the environment both near and far, knowing that our own choices can make a difference.

Social service and social action ministries are under the guidance of the Social Action Committee. Action through contributions of time, talent, and money are under the guidance of the Stewardship and Membership Committee.


A donation to the work of First Presbyterian Church could really make a difference! Make a contribution now.


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