Thank you!

During worship on the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2013 we wrote thank-you notes to honor the many people and things for which we are grateful.  Thank you for:

My sobriety.

The joy and inspiration and challenge that our church and church family introduce and instill into our lives.

My husband and wonderful mother. I am thankful for this church.

There is no one person, but everyone who is a part of my life that I am thankful for, and grateful to.

I thank God for all the blessings he  has given me throughout my life!!

The church community, especially for the choir.

The women in the Women’s Ministry; my daughter.

My grandmothers; my sister; my daughter; my granddaughter, and all strong women.


My mother, Wendy.

My family blessings.

My mother Susan and my grandmother Martha Susan, for raising me as a part of a line of strong Presbyterian women!

The love and good health of my family and friends, and me.

The children in my life, both in church and home; They have taught me to be open and humble. Because of them I have hope for the future.

The blue of the sky; the colors of the earth; my churches.

My beautiful and loving wife; the beauty of art and architecture that fill this wondrous city.

The love and support of family and friends.

My many mothers: Roberta, June, Clare, Vivian, Alison, Angela, Frances, and Karen.

Creative energy; Amy and Chris Neuner; Dottie Turmail; the Children’s Choir.

Being such a wonderful church family. I was married at FPC this year and it would never have happened without your support and encouragement.

Healing my brother and dad; giving me amazing friends and family.

My daughter; family and true friends; a job which allows me to make a difference; for your love, God, and for salvation; for the hardships, for they have brought strength and wisdom.

The church, and for all the people who work hard to help their community.

The well-lived life of Ida Lyman.

My husband; my wonderful family; my faith.

Belonging to a new church.

My partner’s enduring and steadfast love. He has shown me how to forgive.

This church family.

Kate Salisbury’s loving care and ministry at FPC.

The loving support of my wife.

Beatrix A., who fought harder than I ever have, and keeps fighting even after I have surrendered.

Thank you for my FPC family.

That love expands as it is needed--there is always enough love.

My husband and other loving members of my family; for friends around the world; for the warmth of our home; for a job I love; for prosperity in my life; for peace when and where it happens; for God’s mercy and love always; for this church.

FPC and strength from God to do the Food Pantry.

My family’s health and prosperity which God has given to us in abundance; our lives are a testimony of God's favor, goodness, and kindness in our lives.

The ACA (Obamacare).

Good health and career opportunities.

Linton Stables and Greg Brown.

Rev. Nadine, Annie, and Victor: We love you.

My wonderful husband, Dan.

Amy and Chris for your undying support above and beyond.
Marcia & Ken for being the rocks that you are.

Nadine for helping keep the hope alive and assisting us as we deepen and strengthen our faith.