Thank You!

During worship on the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2012 we wrote thank-you notes to honor the many people and things for which we are grateful. Here are all the notes of thanksgiving that were received, except for a few whose authors wished them to remain anonymous. 

To FPC: I’m so thankful for the ways I’ve seen this community grow through the years. The growth I’m most grateful for is in a sense of support and love of each other in our lives and in the causes that drive the people.

To my family for your support and unconditional love.

For the support of James Desmono.

To the Adorno Family for all the thoughtful, loving deeds you do for the church.

For this church, my family and friends.

To the church choir for the wonderful opportunity to sing and worship God in a safe and caring environment.

To Ray Kelly for support and love.

To FPC for welcoming me into this community of Christ.

To Mom, Dad, and Andy for unconditional love, support, patience, and understanding.

To the church for being loving and embracing, and you don’t just talk the talk, but you walk the walk of openness and love. Thank you!

To First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn for helping us keep on going in Second Baptist Church and the Christian Center of Santiago de Cuba, and for your warm welcome.

To Mario Adorno for helping me through a bad year.

To God for divine protection that is manifested in my life.

For the love of family and friends.

To Dr. Lionel Deutsch for your faith in me, and your patience with me, and your wisdom.

To God for my health and the health of my family.

To Our Heavenly God and Father for taking care of me. I am 78 years old, but when I go out or stay inside, He always protects me. I feel just like He is holding my hand. He gave me beautiful children who always love me and take care of me. He gives me everything I need. Praise the Lord!

To my parents for being the best teachers even when we didn’t appreciate it. Mother, you were the lily-elegant, calm, pure Joy. You are greatly missed. Father, you were the rock—firm, stable, protective to the hilt, and faithful to the end.

To all the members of the congregation for the little things—a smile, a hug, on a random Sunday. The ways you contribute to the church and larger community by sharing of your talents and time!

To FPC for the thoughtfulness and intelligence of the focus group leaders.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to move to NYC and pursue my dreams. I am also grateful for the successes that have come to me, and the will continue to come to me. Also for finding a church that I enjoy singing with every Sunday morning.

To God for my family, friends, and every opportunity that You’ve given me.

To Bernice and Mario for nourishment week after week.

To Annie and Victor for keeping our church functioning. We count on your dedication every day!

To You: You prayed for me when I faced surgery.

To the Choir and Amy for making me feel welcome to join and continuing to make all of us welcome.

To FPC’s contributors and volunteers who are so generous.

To my husband for being my partner through difficult times and blessed. Your love and support and work for our family makes our lives together possible and helps me be the person I aspire to become. I love sharing our family life together.

To FPC For being the wonderful community that you are.

To Amy Neuner for your spirit and leadership! You truly make participating in the choir a spiritual experience. You are a minister of music and spirit. Thank you!

To Edna Asknes for your steady and patient leadership throughout the past few years. We are blessed to have you leading us at this time.

To the members of the Communication Committee and all who assisted in the beautiful website. I feel pride and gratitude every time I read the newsletter or visit the website.

I am very grateful for the music at First Church. It fulfills the spirit of what worship means.

To God for the gift of love.

To my clients at the nursing home for reflecting God’s grace and spirit in your heartfelt thanks for my shared gifts of music, art, music, movement, and celebration.

To all my sister-friends for always being there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on, somebody to vent to, somebody to be happy with, somebody to listen to my nonsense. I love you. I am thankful for you.

To Amy For the ability to sing in this choir. I don’t get many chances to sing these days and I am grateful for the chance that you have given me.

To D____ for coming back into my life. You give hope.

To God for blessings overflowing and to share these blessings with First Church, my church friends.

For New Yorkers’ resilience toward adversity like Hurricane Sandy.

To Dick and Dottie Turmail for your loving devotion to FPC.

To Chris and Amy Neuner for your inspiring service to FPC.

To Edna for your steadfast leadership through major changes in our congregation.

To Marcia Smith for always always always being there for the church. You are a faithful servant and a personification of the phrase, “well done.”

To Annie Solages and Victor Forde for your excellent work for FPC and for being an integral part of this family.

To God, who has been a beacon of light in my life.

To First Church: I love ya!!! Keep the faith; we are on the right path.

To Amy Neuner for always bringing energy and light. She always lifts people up and leads the choir. Thank you.

To Gladys McNish for your warmth, joy, and service with profound faith that is at once deep and unassuming!

To my daughter for being the fountain of inspiration through which I have experienced God’s true mercy… for your lessons on unconditional love and acceptance.

To the FPC Food Pantry Volunteers for your deep commitment of time, talent, and love.

To Amy Neuner for bringing me into this church and inviting me to be a part of your amazing choir. I’ve never been more grateful for the gifts you bring to this church.

To God for making the earth and the people and the things on it.

To Mom for love, support, and showing me the way.

To Church for waking up every Sunday to a place with a great community of people; their love for all people and the great choir that is able to share their gift of voice.

To FPC for allowing me to fellowship with thoughtful, inspiring, and loving hearts and minds each week!

To Amy and the Church Choir for welcoming me to the church, giving me a community and friends, and for all of the advice and support they’ve provided.

To the Choir for letting me sit with you all every Sunday. Not just in the rows of chairs, but within the family that is fed by the love of each and every one of you. I love you all. Thank you.

To Mrs. Kott for letting me perform in “Our Town” even when I was missing homework in class.

If you missed out on sending a thank-you note, you can do it here and we will post it!