“Speaking the truth in love, we must grow up in every way into Christ.”  Ephesians 4: 15


First Presbyterian Church offers many ways to grow—spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially. First Presbyterian addresses all aspects of life, and we celebrate the growth and major life events for each individual, each family, and the community as a whole.


Grow Socially

So many activities at First Presbyterian revolve around community-building. Small groups and large groups, fun groups and serious groups, people get together to achieve something or just to see one another and in the process every person grows a little. There are many opportunities to get out of the house, or even stay at home and have others come over!

Grow Mentally

Many programs at First Presbyterian will help you grow mentally. Book groups and Bible study, teaching children and attending study courses—there are opportunities to expand your knowledge and, perhaps more importantly, your ways of thinking.

Grow Spiritually

By participating in the community at First Presbyterian you will find yourself growing spiritually. From small groups such as the Women's Ministry and the Men's Fellowship, to large-group activities such as the All-Church Retreat, there are opportunities to tell your story of your own spiritual path while hearing—and being inspired by—the stories of others.

Grow Physically

Perhaps you are looking for a place where you can maintain your physical strength and endurance. There are things to be done and events happening around the church that can contribute to your physical well-being, whether it be working in our garden or helping out at the Food Pantry, leading a Sunday School class or activities at the All-Church Retreat, 12-Step programs hosted in our building, or a small group getting together for morning walks.

April 27
Friday 7:00 PM
The women’s potluck meets the last Friday of most months. This is a wonderful, warm space for connection and support.
Elliott Room
April 29
Sunday 12:30 PM
Elliott Room, 2nd Floor
May 02
Wednesday 7:30 AM
Each week the men of the church gather for breakfast, study, and prayer.
Park Plaza Diner, 220 Cadman Plaza West
May 04
Friday 7:00 PM
This has been a popular event with many of our First Church sisters for years. We hope it will be for the men as well. Questions? contact Willy Norton

RSVP to Willy
Elliott Room
May 06
Sunday 12:30 PM
Elliott Room, 2nd Floor


A donation to the work of First Presbyterian Church will increase opportunities for growth! Make a contribution now.


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